To connect the start up community with high quality on-shore talent and drive optimal results while providing value to all of our shareholders. Our clients. Our employees. Our owners. Our community. And the planet. 


Our Approach to Hiring Talent

A major part of our mission is to connect start ups with high quality talent they can afford. How do we do that? Every team is powered by an Executive Strategies who hires college juniors and puts them through an apprenticeship program for two years so that upon graduation we can hire them full-time. This is a win for college students because they get real experience and a job upon graduation. This is a win for the start up community because they have access to college graduates with real world experience. This is a win for our college community because they have a feeder for their marketing programs. This is a win for our community because we are creating an ecosystem for jobs and affordable talent for a thriving start up community. This is a win for the planet because we hire high vibe conscious individuals who believe in giving back.



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